Recognized PACE Provider

Kalamazoo Long Term Care Pharmacy is a recognized provider to PACE programs throughout Michigan.

Delivery of cycle, same day delivery, and STAT delivery

Cycle medications can be separated for home and clinic administration

Designated and experienced staff for your PACE program

Pharmacy provided on-site consultant pharmacist and technician

Still curious about PACE


Privately owned and operated, launched in 2004


It Starts with Listening To Your Needs.

We understand the complexities within the long term care industry (LTC). As a service partner, Kalamazoo Long Term Care Pharmacy (KLTC Pharmacy) takes the approach of listening to your facility needs, and working together with your administrative and clinical teams to identify best approaches to serving the unique dynamics of your campus.

As a privately owned and independently operated long term care pharmacy, we are positioned to provide flexibility to meet your needs, bypass red tape decision making, and the ability to pivot quickly for the benefit of our customers. Take Advantage of the Advantages.

Take Advantage
of the Advantages

Robust Technology solutions
Transparent and competitive pricing
True 24/7/365 Pharmacy
Packaging options that meet needs of staff
Customized MAR's (for non eMAR campuses)
Free Delivery by the KLTC delivery team

Hear it from the Happy

“In my 33 years of nursing I have worked with many different pharmacies. None can equal the commitment to excellence of the KLTCP team. KLTCP dedication to filling each prescription with accuracy, timeliness, and cost effectiveness is beyond reproach. KLTCP pharmacists are always willing to consult and problem solve around any issue regarding medications. I would highly recommend KLTCP for any pharmacy needs.”

Jim Coleman RN, BS

“Senior Services, Inc. has worked with KLTC for several years. The KLTC staff has been instrumental in setting up medication management for our consumers. The packaging and labeling of medications provides both generic and brand name, as well as atypical description. This has improved the consumer’s ability to identify their medications and regime. I really appreciate their responsiveness to medication changes and emergent needs.”

Melanie T., RN