PACE Association of Michigan - logoKalamazoo Long Term Care Pharmacy is a recognized provider to PACE programs throughout Michigan. Notable services include:

  • Delivery of cycle, same day delivery, and STAT delivery
  • Cycle medications can be separated for home and clinic administration
  • Multiple package types: Unit dose, multi-dose compliance packaging, programmed medication wheels
  • Designated and experienced staff for your PACE program
  • Framework Link Pharmacy Portal gives secure access to print MARs on demand, order refills at the click of a button, and communicate directly with your designated customer service staff
  • Pharmacy provided on-site consultant pharmacist and technician

We supply a stand-alone StatSafe cart for each clinic with customizable inventory to allow first doses to be given at the clinic.

  • Dispensing is captured electronically and communicated directly from the cart to allow easy tracking.
  • Kalamazoo Long Term Care receives communication from the portal about low inventory and soon to expire medications in the cart to be sure you don’t run out of stock.
  • A narcotic box is available for safety and accountability of controlled substances.
  • Direct billing to PBM/Med-D at a patient level.

If you have any questions about the services we provide, please contact us.