Choice and the Most Technologically Integrated Solutions

Advanced Medication Management and Dispensing Cabinet

  • Enhance Medication Safety and Nursing efficiency
  • Reduce on-call or emergency med deliveries
  • On-demand medication replenishment
  • Secure access protocols w/ user verification
  • Customized bin arrangement
  • Holds over 300 unique SKU’s

With KLTC’s modern Management and Dispensing Cabinets you can custom design the reporting and accountability tracking to meet your workflow and process requirements.

Advanced Remote Dispensing Technologies

  • Fully Supported medication management and disbursement
  • Remotely monitored
  • Medications billed only when dispensed
  • Reduce Medication Waste
  • Saves time so nurses spend more time with residents
  • Eliminate Inventory concerns

New patients can receive their medications in a matter of minutes no matter what time of day the facility receives a new admit. With remote dispensing, medications are dispensed on-demand in patient-specific multi-dose packets.